Friday, January 11, 2013

Long Beach (1-10-13) Sandy Clean-Up

Superstorm Sandy damaged Long Beach,
on Long Island's south shore, very badly.
Many homes, apartments and condos
 are still without electric or heat
and need serious structural repairs.
a 13 to 17-foot storm surge deposited
beach sand over a foot deep throughout
the streets. The boardwalk, originally
built in 1914, has withstood many
hurricanes but Sandy was too much
for it to bear. It was so badly damaged
that it's being demolished and a
new one will be built in its place.

(Click on any photo to enlarge it.)

The extreme west end of the boardwalk
(New York Avenue),
where I used to go with my parents
most summer weekends, when I was a child.

The demolition has progressed about a
quarter-mile east from the extreme west end.

The concrete supports seem to be in
good shape and will probably be reused.

A workman salvages some of the benches
that were bolted to the old boards.

The concrete roof (part of the boardwalk)
on the men's & women's rest rooms

Many benches were donated by local or
past residents in honor of their loved ones.

A 4 x 12 support beam was twisted &
split like kindling by the force of the water.

Sand being cleaned of debris.

Clean sand being put back on the beach.

Trucks distribute the clean sand to
all areas of the beach.